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    Future Fantasy: Technology

    Futuristic Vibrating Toys

    Oh blog I’ve missed you! Sorry about the absence.

    I love to enjoy a cup of tea and poke around the futuristic design blogs like Yanko Design and Gizmodo.

    That’s how I found the following that I bet you can’t guess what they are:

    Don’t blush now, this is a vibrator, but it’s also a necklace. Even sex is getting futuristic. It also comes in gold for those girls who just have everything. Actually whilst checking it out I notice the same company makes USB sticks that double up as vibrators, in 24k gold as well! Check it out at www.mimideluxe.com and if you are game, look at some of the electro stim too – I hope that’s not the future of sex, it sounds painful.

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  • alien_overloard703

    Aliens In the Kids Imagination


    My kids think aliens are cool. And to see what they draw when you say alien is always interesting. So let’s look at kids imaginations and how they visualise aliens.

    Look at what all these kids came up with! OK, so we can’t help that we are probably conditioned by movies – a few look like they’ve just walked off the set of Monsters Inc, but see there’s a green and blue theme.

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  • Futuristic Fashion

    Futuristic Fashion Focus


    What will be wearing in 20 years, 50 years? I’ll probably still be wearing my Birkenstocks, but hopefully my wardrobe will have changed.

    This post is for you fashion forward girls who want the future now.

    The future is now! You can buy these from DZHUS conceptual wear.

    Isn’t this the cliche look of the future?

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  • fantasy-images-11

    Fantasy Fun – Art & Design


    What use is our imagination if we don’t use it?

    These illustrations will unlock your imagination. If you create something equally epic let us know!

    Nighttime is the best time for fantasy!

    Who doesn’t like a pixie looking gal?

    Birds carrying rocks – yep, happens every day.

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  • futuristic-city-wallpaper-preview-6

    Futuristic Cities Imagined


    Planning out what your next town should like? Feast your eyes on these imaginative futuristic cities and take your pick of the best features.

    This is from new evolution designs. You can get it as your wallpaper, as with the one below that I think is from Elysium.

    Love the concept of Elysium and am struggling to write my way through a futuristic novel where there is separation of the classes – those with money get the fresh food, trees, oceans etc and those without get the processed food and live in heavily polluted areas. Is it much different to today?

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  • indextll

    Hello Art Lovers

    A place for UFO, Fantasy and Alien artists to gather. This site is now open to all out of this world design, not limited to alien or UFO, more futuristic designs welcome!

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