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Future Fantasy: Technology


Oh blog I’ve missed you! Sorry about the absence.

I love to enjoy a cup of tea and poke around the futuristic design blogs like Yanko Design and Gizmodo.

That’s how I found the following that I bet you can’t guess what they are:

Futuristic Vibrating Toys

Don’t blush now, this is a vibrator, but it’s also a necklace. Even sex is getting futuristic. It also comes in gold for those girls who just have everything. Actually whilst checking it out I notice the same company makes USB sticks that double up as vibrators, in 24k gold as well! Check it out at www.mimideluxe.com and if you are game, look at some of the electro stim too – I hope that’s not the future of sex, it sounds painful.


And this would be? It’s a futuristic cigar pipe! And even better, it’s name after Sherlock Holmes. See it at www.peterson.ie


And what pray tell might this be? Well if you guessed you sit in and it spins you around and around you are wrong. How about a shower? Yep, this is an Egg Shower and it can do jacuzzi, bathtub and mood lighting as well! See it at Yanko Design: http://www.yankodesign.com/2010/01/28/egg-shower/


And don’t we all need one of these. Whilst it looks like something that might do the cleaning, it’s actually a catamaran. See it at http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/ocean-vessels.


Ok, so it looks like a necklace and you do wear it around your neck, but what it does is very useful if you are into gaming, it uses 8 haptic actuators – like those in your phone that makes it vibrate and jitter. And using those sensors it’s like a second set of eyes that communicates to you (via the actuators) where objects and baddies are.  It’s on kickstarter at the moment so you can back it here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1710261071/the-omniwear-arc-the-wearable-haptic-interface-for




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